SDB In Greece

Apologies for my absence on le blog, however my excuse is very valid; I’m in Greece! The gorgeous island of Mykonos to be precise, and although there is plenty of gold, turquoise and pink present it is not in the form of beauty products and instead found in the sun, sea and vibrant culture (and … Continue reading

Back With A Bang!

Instead of writing another purely apologetic post about my appalling absence from this blog as I have done twice before (clearly I never learn from my mistakes) I shall instead write something emphasising the fact that Sophie Does Beauty is very much back in action after having been MIA for the past few weeks (I … Continue reading



Hello my dearest readers, a quick message to apologise for my lack of posts this week; I’ve been overwhelmed with many tasks/projects outside of the beauty industry (unfortunately) and hence haven’t had the opportunity to draft any posts, naughty me! I’ll have some up in a jiffy but for the time being patience is a … Continue reading