About Me


I’m a Geneva based student from London in love with anything beauty or food related who loves to wear hats, drink macchiatos and eat the contents of patisseries.

I believe my interest in makeup started at the tender age of three when I took my mother’s bright red lipstick and proceeded to draw over our white walls with it- from then on anything beauty related has always given me great satisfaction.

Other than that, my interest in makeup stems from my desire to be able to look at least relatively decent in public without scaring little children (and men) away, and it seems that makeup provides me with the tools to do so (or perhaps it doesn’t.. hence my lack of suitors).

I want to ensure that people get the most possible out of the beauty world, and my aim is to provide my readers with an insight into what is worthy of a place on the dressing table, without the hassle (and expense) of having to find out for themselves, as well as give people  some useful tips and tricks of the trade. Additionally, my long term dream is to become a journalist, so I suppose (rather, I’m hoping) that this provides my journalistic cravings with ample fodder.

I have finally created a blog as a creative outlet for such interests and hope that you all will enjoy the outcome of it.

Moving on to some irrelevant facts: I idolise Bridget Jones, could easily spend the rest of my days in a dressing gown and have skin so pale my NARS foundation shade is “Siberia”.

Ta-ta for now,



8 thoughts on “About Me

      • You will never be as pathetic as me, Sophie. I’m of Greek heritage and I still struggle with Greek. I grew up speaking mostly English because my family is very Americanized, though they tried to teach me. Maybe if I spend a year in Greece I can become fluent.

        BTW, do you use a special heavy duty sunscreen when you’re in Greece? Your skin must burn easily. Take care!

  1. Hi Sophie-

    I am far from a beauty connoisseur, but I am learning a lot from your blog! Great job- keep it up!

    And I’m gathering from a retweet I saw on the side that you’re a fellow Pisces?

    Much success!

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