Red is Not Dead

In my eternal bid to prevent myself from succumbing to the spring beauty campaigns and buying copious amounts of pastel makeup for the warmer months (which are not only unflattering but far too predictable for my liking), I’ve been looking for alternatives for the usual spring suspect of pink. I like a good medium pink once in a while (Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 74 Aventure was my signature shade for a while), but nothing too pale, and anything in bubblegum terrain is nothing short of frightening for me. My solution? Summer red. I’m not talking seductive bordeaux hues (my winter lineup), but bold, bright or even orangey reds for lips and fingertips. Admittedly, most of the red lipsticks I own are rather vinocentric, but there’s one in particular that has a right to appear in the summer months: MAC’s Ruby Woo.

A lipstick with a cult following that has been deified beyond belief, it’s the über matte, attention-seeking carmine shade that has taken the beauty world by storm. It’s from MAC’s small “retro matte” range, meaning it’s matter than matte- think wax crayon territory and you’re almost there. Yes, that’s terrifying if you have the slightest crevice in your lips, so I recommend you get moisturising a day before you want to wear this wonder hue. Colour-wise, it’s blue based, meaning most people can pull it off (perfect for fairer skin tones) and definitely on the bright side. If you’re shy, then I wouldn’t recommend Ruby Woo, as every time I have worn it I have been complimented on my lips, and I swear the Starbucks barista definitely pays more attention to me when I order my caramel macchiato with this on. There’s something very vintage about it, and it makes me feel as close to Dita Von Teese as I’ll ever get.

Longevity-wise this beats any lipstick I’ve ever owned hands down. Its matte texture means it clings on for ages, and I have made it through several rounds of drinks and food with this on with no noticeable fading, smudging or bleeding.

Sure, there are plenty of other reds in the sea, but none as attention grabbing and long lasting as this one, which places it at the top of anyone’s makeup shopping list.

Vive la rouge!







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