The Minimum Effort Eye

When it comes to applying makeup, I’m incredibly lazy. I know, I know… the irony as I’m a beauty blogger and all, but, if there was a single product that could make me go from Chewbacca to Miranda Kerr in an instant, I’d be buying it by the bucketload- regardless of price. Sadly, such a product is nonexistent, and it takes more than a few steps to look at least mildly presentable (and to stop scaring away men and young children). Consequently, I find entire routines to be tedious and, frankly, I never have the time. An extra 20 minutes sleep or a few more makeup steps? Easy- sleep wins. I’m always looking for shortcuts to make me look as though I’ve put far more effort into my look than I actually have (no easy feat I can assure you), and, occasionally (very occasionally) I come across a product that does just that. My most recent minimum-time-maximum-result find is MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow. A brown based bronze/gold shade, that, when swept across the lids and blended ever-so-slightly, makes it seem you have multiple eyeshadows on and have made a major effort. I don’t know how it does it, but it just does. I’m normally an eyeshadow-phobe but even I can manage to make this look decent, even -dare I say- good. It’s fairly foolproof to apply, just use a blending brush that is slightly tapered at the end, pop it over the lid and blend into the crease. It does its thang when you blend it into the socket and creates a tonal 3D effect deepening the crease for that catwalk-esque look, and makes any eye colour pop. Paired with a slick of mascara and a smile, you’re ready to face the world in less than 5 minutes.




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