Gal-entine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. One day of the year that successfully manages to divide the population in two; bitter singles and sappy couples. For those of us who are single pringles, it can be the opposite of a happy, love-filled affair, and instead the fact that we are likely destined to be cat ladies is rubbed into our faces everywhere we look. I personally have no problems with being surrounded by couples expressing their adoration for each other more than fervently (ok, maybe just a little), and I’ve found that it’s possible to have a fabulous day with your gal pals instead. Cue GAL-entine’s day: (also called S.A.D – Singles Appreciation Day or Singles Awareness Day as I recently discovered on my friend Imogen’s blog) a sort of anti-Valentines where you show your appreciation for your closest amigas and celebrate your freedom. It can be celebrated on V day itself, but a lot of people prefer the day before (such as myself), or the day after, which means you can feel more at ease on your night out. In this post, I’ve got some ideas for how to spend your day:

1) The Not-So-Romantic Dinner Date: Dinner doesn’t have to equate to romance, so why not treat yourself and dine out in a glamorous restaurant and pull out all the stops; a dress and a killer red lip. Oh, and those heels you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Their time is now. An advantage of a girly dinner a day before or after the big day means you won’t be ripped off by the 5,000 course couple menu priced extortionately, nor will you feel inclined to eat that much either to make the most out of the cost. Plus, if you go out on the 13th, chances are there will be single men in the restaurant too, so all that effort you’ve made might just pay off, and perhaps you will have someone for the 14th after all!

2) The GNI (Girls’ Night In): You know the drill: face masks, onesies, wine, ice cream and chick flicks. Enough said.

3) Cocktail Night: Why not skip the lengthy dinner out and eat at home and just go out for cocktails instead with the clique; cheaper, more casual and often more fun! Again, you won’t be ripped off with Valentine cocktails if you go on the 13th, and perhaps the handsome bartender will give you and your gorgeous crew a discount if you’re nice (or if you give him a cheeky wink)..!

4) Weekend Away: At this point it may just be a little late for booking something for the 13th, but who say you can’t go next weekend? Book a mini break with your girls somewhere that is only a train ride or short flight/drive away and indulge in spa treatments or cultural outings for a couple of days to get away from the mentally scarring week you’ve had witnessing the delivery of roses in the office.

5) Buzzfeed: Trawl the social website for all of its hilarious anti-valentine’s offerings if you’re in the mood for being a negative Nancy- oh, and there are some killer recipes you can try out for yourself- no sharing required!

6) Nothing: That’s right, nothing. Surely you love your friends enough to know you needn’t dedicate a specific day of the year to showing your luuuurve? Every day is Single Appreciation Day!

Finally, let’s not forget that the best day of the year is February 15th because all the chocolate is on sale…. Score!


I know this is the definition of cliché, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


3 thoughts on “Gal-entine’s Day

  1. I love this ❤ I am in a relationship, engaged to be married, to be exact but we despise V DAY as much as the single Pringles, it makes me feel slightly vomitty! I love your suggestions & I think I might just jump on the bandwagon too! Xxx

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