The Anti-Scrub

I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin has the most unsavoury cocktail of problems which makes it very difficult to cater for. Sensitive, prone to dryness AND oiliness, uneven skin tone and whiter than snow (this particular trait I can just about cope with thanks to Armani), finding skincare that accommodates all of those traits is a mammoth task. If I treat the oiliness, the rest of my face resembles a cracked salt lake. If I treat the dryness, my T-zone could be used in a 70s roller disco. If I treat the sensitivity, the other problems aren’t solved… The list goes on.

Last week however, I found a game changer. The newest, and, dare I say, best addition to my skincare stash: YSL’s Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator. 

Admittedly, I normally go for skincare that ideally comes from a pharmacy and is normally white, blue and very clean looking. This is quite the opposite looks-wise; it’s more Sex and the City than Grey’s Anatomy. Housed in a clear tube, it is a shimmery (yes, I kid you not) gold gel which looks like it could probably make you grow fairy wings.

I think what caused me to buy it was not one but two beauty counter assistants recommending it to me after discussing my stubborn skin, and one of the ladies wasn’t even from the YSL counter, which is what really sealed the deal for me.

So, what is it? An exfoliator without any granules or beads. I know, I was mystified as well. How? What? 

To tell you the truth, I’ve still not the foggiest idea as to how it actually works, but this is what happens:

Firstly, apply a one pound coin sized amount all over the face. Now massage it in like a mad woman. At this point, it feels rather unpleasant. Thick like honey and hard to spread around the face, you feel that you’re never going to get this goo off. What you’re supposed to do is keep massaging until it turns into an oil. It seems impossible, but eventually it happens (normally just at the point where you’re about to give up smearing the sparkly honey-like gel around). The time this takes varies from application to application. It has taken me anything from one minute to six minutes, depending on the state of my skin. Once you have a thin layer of oil over your face, rinse it off with warm water and voilà you’re done.

Somehow it works. It really does. My dry patches are gone, and because there are no granules, it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause my face to produce more oil as most scrubs do.


You won’t believe it ’til you see it, but this really is magic.


9 thoughts on “The Anti-Scrub

  1. Got oily, trouble skin myself and usually refrain from using scrubs – just haven’t found one that works for me, I guess… This sounds intriguing. I might have to try it. How much does it retail for?

  2. Great review. Unfortunately, I tried it and didn’t notice any change or effect at all: / I am using a Guerlain exfoliator currently, and it seems to be a bit better but am not yet convinced that these higher end brands have created the ‘miracle’ exfoliator yet….here’s hoping for one soon though: ) Glad you had a good experience with the YSL product.

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