The Week After

The 25th of December through to the 1st of January is generally a period of mass food and alcohol consumption, and, when combined with sleepless nights, the festive shenanigans can take an awful toll on our bodies, especially our skin. This year’s “week after”, I’ve decided to indulge in a pamperfest, nourishing my skin with all sorts of vitamin-packed goodies (don’t worry, only externally, I’m not starting a diet of any form..!). From my temples to my toes, I’ve got the 2k14 pamper-a-thon covered:

Starting with my face, I’ve recently acquired Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser. The queen of “eco-chic”, Indie’s cleanser contains strawberry oil; a known anti-oxidant which smells fruity fresh and does a great job of washing away any remnants of this week’s excessive makeup. A spa session wouldn’t be complete without a facial, and for this the Indie Lee Clearing Mask is my go-to for a squeaky clean, fresh feeling face. Made with clay it soaks up any excess oils and aims to unclog any unsightly (and probably suffocated) pores. I like to pop this on for 20 minutes whilst catching up with a TV series (or two…!) or anything else that doesn’t involve social interaction! Finally, I like to target individual blemishes, which are plentiful after having hoovered goodness knows how many kilos of chocolate, and Indie’s famous Blemish Lotion zaps them practically overnight. I dip a Q-tip into the bottle and dab onto any pesky spots before I go to bed, and I wake up to find them almost invisible.

For some body loving, I like to slather on my trusty Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion in Coconut Passion (not pictured below), which not only moisturises my dehydrated, winter reptile skin, but also provides me with a whiff of the Caribbean, to make up for the fact that I’m not currently on a beach sipping coconut water, but instead sitting on my bed watching The Carrie Diaries. For my mitts, Karin Herzog’s Hand and Nail saves the day; über moisturising without feeling heavy or greasy, it settles into my skin quickly and efficiently, leaving me with silky smooth, nourished paws free from any cracks, as well as efficiently sorting my cuticles out and fixing any crevices down the sides of my nails- a real multitasker! Karin Herzog’s podalic equivalent is their Foot Cream, which is equally magical. I slather this onto my tootsies (focusing on my rather worse for wear heels), and within a few minutes I can already feel and see a difference! It’s also middy antiseptic, so perfect for a slight cleanse as well.

Finally, I smooth on my new favourite lip balm, my EOS balm in lemondrop, to keep my pout hydrated and flake-free.

Spend a day or two doing this, and I guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling better.. (and some Ferrero Rochers, Grazia magazine and plenty of water certainly help too!)



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