NYFW SS14 Beauty Spotlight: Blissful Browns

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and whilst the clothes have been gorgeous, the beauty looks is what I’ve been curious about, and was not disappointed.  I was the cat that got the cream when the beauty looks for some of the biggest brands came out, as there was an abundance of my favourite makeup colour ever; brown. Some more subtle, some smokier, some barely-there yet still striking and sculpting, the muddy hues were all the wage at this year’s spring/summer collection. Brown for the seasons associated with bright, vivid colours may seem out of the ordinary, but I for one think it works. It’s not pink, purple or blue, but it’s not black either, so I think it’s a good compromise. It’s flattering on anyone and can really brighten features without making it too “look at me!”. Perhaps I’m slightly biased since 90% of my eyeshadows are on varying positions of the brown spectrum, but I think that browns for the summer months is genius. My attitude can be likened to the infamous Meryl Street quote from The Devil Wears Prada; “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” . Teamed with a luminous complexion and a fairly nude lip (it’s as if the makeup artists read my blog or something; browns and nude lips? Christmas has come early for me!) this look can’t go wrong. At least, you’d have to be making a very conscious effort to muck it up. Swept quite heavily under the eyes for that Olsen-esque look I so dearly love seemed to be a popular look, with well sculpted Cara-like brows. Some brands decided to play it safer with baby blue making an appearance on the models’ eyes creating a very 50s/60s inspired look such as Badgley Mishka, and paired with pastel-like lips as well. Whilst gorgeous on the models, this is slightly less wearable and if paired with anything other than the gorgeous designer clothes the models wore, could look a bit dodgy.

I certainly can’t wait for spring to wear these looks and will be debuting them in the coming days and getting my browns out again.


Reed Krakoff


Rachel Zoe


Calvin Klein


Badgley Mishka


4 thoughts on “NYFW SS14 Beauty Spotlight: Blissful Browns

  1. I completely, 100 percent over-the-topagree with you; I absoluuutely love love love browns on eyes and just can’t mention it enough. Coincidentally, I’ve only just last week bought a brand new eyeshadow palette; it’s the latest “City Woman” palette by Yves Saint Laurent- ironic, as I barely ever go out wearing more than just a whip of mascara. (It really is beautiful, though- I was so ridiculously bummed when I realised it was a one-shot edition and wouldn’t be reappearing anytime soon.) It’s a HUGE success and even I who was never, am not, and will probably never be an eye-makeup whizz, LOVE it. Multi-tasking and versatile, I think browns suit just about any complexion (paler faces will choose honey beiges and purple-toned maroons, while olive-skinned chicas will win with the golden, more chocolatey shades) and looks great with most hair colours, too. I’m so glad I read this article, boo- finally someone who knows just as well that mocca and chocolate don’t just belong on the food menu! x

  2. Oooh I know the one! I’ve been lusting after it too! Yes, browns are possibly the best eyeshadow colour ever. Call me unadventurous, but that’s my view! Or perhaps it’s my chocoholic instincts skewing my cosmetic views..

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