The Makeup Breakup: Have A Girls’ Night In

Time flies when you’re working methodically through a sky-high pile of admin, and once again I’m behind with my post schedule. I wasn’t going to publish this post and was instead planning to upload something far more makeup orientated, however this chaotic week has prompted the return of the “night in”- the complete opposite of the GNO. Whilst I love glamming myself up to feel a million dollars when going out it’s all a bit of a hassle really, and faffing around with taking off makeup after a night in town is- simply put -annoying. I decided that this weekend was going to be a sort of hiatus from makeup and hence my Friday night has been a girl’s night in. No makeup, no overly keen guys (the ones that don’t seem to get even the most obvious of hints), no blister-beckoning stilettos, just a whole lot of skin care and some Bridget Jones and it can be enjoyed alone of with your posse of closest gal pals. It’s good for your skin, clears your mind and allows you to consume copious amounts of calorific food whilst sitting in yoga pants without being judged- what’s not to like? I like to kick off my girls’ night in with taking off all of my makeup with my trusty Avène Miscellar Lotion, and then I use a small bead based scrub (Dermalogica’s clay face mask and scrub is my top pick). Whilst this is on my face and I’m looking suitably like an extra form Star Trek, I prepare myself a bowl of vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate over the top- you know, the the kind that forms a deliciously hard shell and once you plunge your spoon into it you experience one of life’s biggest pleasures. Pop a film into the DVD player and there you have it- the ultimate Friday night with minimum effort. As for male company? Don’t worry, I’ve got a list of my top night in films below with suitably delicious male leads:

1. Bridget Jones’ Diary- possibly my favourite film of all time it has it all- the hopeless female lead who we can all identify with in some way or another (or, if you’re like me, multiple ways), Colin Firth AND Hugh Grant, romance and humour. We like.

2. Pride and Prejudice (the series though)- Colin Firth in 19th century attire. Enough said.

3. Bride Wars- It has fabulous dresses, Anne Hathaway, a killer soundtrack and involves weddings. A must for a girls’ night in.

4. Pretty Woman- A classic. If you haven’t seen it, why not? Get your Julia Roberts on.

5. It’s Complicated: Alec Baldwin AND Meryl Streep? A winner in my books. Prepare to laugh off the calories from the ice cream tub in your hands- it’s that much of an ab workout.

For good measure I thought I’d throw in my top ice cream flavours to enjyoy the film with:

1.Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough- It’s every girls’ dream; raw chunks of cookie dough in vanilla ice cream. A warning though- it’s highly addictive!

2. Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake- Cheesecake and ice cream, a match made in heaven simply put. The crumbly bits of cheesecake base are my favourite bits and it’s basically a creamy pot of loveliness.

3. Movenpick Vanilla- My favourite vanilla EVER. Not plastic-y like most, creamy, bursting with vanilla and sinfully thick and sumptuous, you can’t beat it.

So next weekend, why not have a night off from boys, makeup and blisters and get out your scruffiest, baggiest attire to spend the night at the town’s best venue; your sofa!

Here’s a picture of me looking suitably careless on a night off (and yes, hair in a topknot is essential):



One thought on “The Makeup Breakup: Have A Girls’ Night In

  1. Two typos; one just after the first Btidget Jones, and a repetition of ‘the’ after ‘melted chocolate’ … Other than that, a great read 😉 … And would you believe – Your top two ice creams are my top two too ?! 😌

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