Bronzed Goddess 101: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Though it may not seem like it with the current weather patterns around the world (climate change is an understatement..!), spring has officially started and for all of the beauty gurus out there that means out with the blush and in with the bronzer. I must admit, bronzer is one of the makeup items I can definitely live without, but when you come across a good one, it’s hard to ignore; in my case my love affair is with the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in “Bronze”. To describe what a Shimmer Brick is in a nutshell, I’d say it’s a shimmering brush-on powder that comes in various shades all put together and that blend harmoniously in a single compact. Pop it open, swirl your brush around and- Bob’s your uncle- shimmering, sun kissed cheeks. Perhaps why I love this product is that it doesn’t give that dreaded orange look (unlike my bete noir the Chanel Soleil Tan I previously ranted about!) and the fact that it contains various colours together gives it a really unique shade; an ever so slightly rosy, golden brown tinge that really helps contour the cheekbones. Put simply, this bronzer actually looks relatively decent on my ghostly pale skin. I do realise that shimmer isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and a lot of people prefer matte bronzers for contouring, but this really gives the face that much sought after “glow” as opposed to a harsh orange (rather frightening) contoured effect à la Kim Kardashian.

The marvels of this product don’t end here, however. Shimmer bricks can be used as eyeshadow(s) given that each “stripe” in the compact is a different colour. The lightest shade; a whitish golden colour is a perfect brow bone highlight and the darkest brown is gorgeous for a subtle smokey eye, whilst the “in between” colours make great bronze-y shadows for during the day. I do love clever little multitasking products.

….Aaaaand cue sunshine.



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